Thursday, March 3, 2011

The wonderful times we've had

The wonderful times we’ve had. Us, skimming just above the water so fast, me holding tightly against you as you fly me across the skies. It’s a beautiful position to be holding on to you heart to heart and getting to look into your eyes as you look ahead to see where we are going. The feel of the wind in our face which sometimes takes my breath away and I have to lean my head into the spot just below your neck. I think you like that because I always feel your chin and cheek caressing the side and top of my head.

How you made me laugh when you made the piece of the bridge go in and out. How we laughed at the police cars lined up with their radios buzzing, not believing what they saw. Oh those were such fun times.

And the time you said, this is how you talk in the Mic!! Oh my Gosh,you are so bad and that was so funny. I laughed and laughed and bounced up and down on the bed. I woke myself laughing! I love your sense of humor. I love your kindness. I love your ability to love me even though you know all about my imperfect life. Thanks for letting me ride on the magic carpet of our love!

The time you let me come in the room with the musicians and sit in the back and listen really made me feel special. I have never felt that someone of your caliber would even give me a second glance and yet you are so kind to take me to places like this and allow me to be a queen for a moment. It’s beyond my words to describe the feelings that you have sparked in me.

I see you looking at the walking path. I saw you clearly the day you had me follow you. I hear the noises you make and see the magical things you present to me there. It's our special place and always will be.

I enjoy the hugs and the stolen kisses and dancing the three of us in the clouds when you and I first met. I will never forget the peace when I woke up the first night you held me all night.

The time I came over with the pizza and you showed me all your various projects. You are such an interesting man. I do not know what you see in me! But, whatever it is, I am so glad you see it! You make me want to be the best person in the entire universe. I like that so much because I have never wanted to be better and worthy, like I want that now. I am worthy, I know that. You show me every day. I show me every day.

I know you see me crying. Don’t worry about it, I have to have all the range of emotions. All are important and it doesn’t mean anything except that I am expelling all the pain and sorrow I have had so I can be completely whole again.  That’s a good thing.

I know you are busy. I appreciate so much anytime you spend with me. I am honored when you take the time to do so. I hope I show my love and gratitude enough and that you always feel it with you no matter who you are with and what you are doing.  I am happy that you understand and allow me to be me. Not holding at all is the most beautiful way to live! Let Go and Let Life happen!  Definitely time for Mitzi!
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