Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shopping Trips to Costco!

by Bebbi

Well, I went and did it. I got a membership to Costco even though Sam’s is right around the corner from my house and my mom works there. I have to say, I have had the membership less than a month and I have had so much fun cheating on SAM!

My place of employment had a special offer for employees; if you join at Costco you get a booklet full of coupons to make it worth your while. I haven’t got the coupons yet, they will come in 2-4 weeks. They did give me a $10 gift card for joining too. That was so nice of them!

Someone wrote a blog a few days ago about “unexpected pleasures” or things that turned out to be less than what was anticipated, well, Costco has brought me a lot of joy and has been even more fun that I ever imagined!

First off, I went with Mr. Bebbi and we looked all around. I got so many steps in, and I enjoyed seeing the different items and trying the Costco samples. We stayed for several hours. At their snack bar, they have Churros instead of Pretzels and they still have Polish Sausage which Sam’s quit carrying a while back. I like the Churros a lot and Mr. Bebbi likes to get a Polish now and again. The drink cups are smaller but that is fine, free refills both places! Mr. Bebbi loves to tease me about the snack bar. I always enjoy getting a soda and a snack while I shop!

After my awesome trip with Mr. Bebbi, my daughter and her boyfriend hadn’t been so we went to look around! We walked and walked all the aisles, comparing prices again. I bought a couple of things I saw the first time that I was still pondering. We figured out that the size made a differences when we compared to Sam’s so we would have to keep that in mind when comparison shopping. My daughter commented on how surreal it was to be in a place that looked so much like Sam’s and yet was different. They didn’t have as many half prices deals after Christmas like Sam’s did. I guess they didn’t over buy some items.

Okay, so the next trip was with my Mother! I stayed overnight with her and we decided that we would go and look around at Costco the next day. She and I walked the whole store again. She really enjoyed it because no one that she worked with was there and she bought a few things. We split a piece of pizza. It was really fun.

Okay, so the next time I went was last night [Sat. January 2, 2009], I took my daughter’s boyfriend’s grandmother! Okay, I know that is a stretch, but I enjoy so much going and walking around and looking at everything!! We walked all around, looking at all the stuff again. I bought some more items that I was pondering. I called my mom at Sam’s and we compared the prices of peanut butter. The peanut butter at Sam’s was two 40 oz for $7.07 and the peanut butter at Costco was two 48 oz for $8.48. That makes it exactly the same price per ounce regardless of which you purchase ($0.09). Silly huh? Well, I guess I win the prize on the blog for most price comparison shopping! Also, did you know that the Joint Juice was $0.17 cheaper at Sam’s than Costco’s for the exact same item! Too fun, huh!!

The next planned trip is with my son and his girlfriend. She is a Costco virgin and my membership is going to get her in! I can’t wait!

What places do you enjoy to go and shop/look around? What big unexpected pleasures did you get out of something that you didn’t expect? Do you comparison shop? Okay, enough questions, I hope you enjoyed my shopping experiences at Costco!! Woo hoo hoo