Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Poetry of We

I would like to explain the poetry of we.
I am not a harsh strict voice unless you cannot see thee,
I am more of a whispering touch,
A loving embrace that is needed so much.
You will not break me by calling me out,
You will not win in your fight to show doubt,
I am steadfast and true to my soul and to you,
You may not see it but it shows in all I do.
My heart is a tender open bud,
Let me in so I can show you my love,
Let me sweetly and calmly run my silky touch,
Through your soul and let me show you I love you so much.
You won’t be alone,
I won’t allow it,
You won’t be a quitter,
It isn’t your destiny,
You are here for a reason,
That reason is clear,
You are here to bring more to others.
I digress from my poem about my loving touch,
I digress from the meaning that means to us so much.
Remember, you are me, and I am you.
I can feel what you feel too.
Don’t let the little things that mean so little,
Rule you and make you brittle.
Don’t let the temporary flares,
Catch you unawares,
So you show your despairs,
And break out of your airs.
Keep your air,
Keep your sweet flare,
Show no despair,
Walk away debonair.
The touch light as air that we can bring to each other,
Sister, mother, friend and brother.
Teaching someone compassion is tough,
You have to explain to them that your life isn’t enough,
That you give it all, including your life,
To help them walk away from the strife.
I give you my all, every time we are near
Because I do understand it is clear,
I am you, You are me, we are we..
We will be free.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Bled Out

The bloody mess I’ve made of my life,
The pouring of the blood out of my life,
The soft and tender draining as I feel it slip away,
Bled out,
Blood on my sheets,
Washing and striving to cleanse it,
Clearing and restarting,
Wiping and soaking,
Crying and screaming,
Pain and dissolution,
Tossing and Turning,
As a soft quietness unfolds,
Stillness as acceptance washes in,
And I am bled out,
Slowly the life leaves me,
As I lie there and think,
Will the sheets be dry soon?

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