Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dancing in the light of Gods

We came to each other in the Garden,
He held me until you arrived,
You wiped off the tear and you held me so dear,
From that day it was clear,
You would always be near,
Not near in the sense of this illusion,
Near in the sense of the lack of confusion,
Near in the ether,
Near in the garden,
Of my heart.

You never knew it was I,
You always thought it was her.
She was in the living, breathing likeness,
That only you knew inside,
You were so sure,
You were never meant to know it was I.
She was my Cyrano,
She was my angel,
Covering up so that I could admire you blissfully,
Watching you and loving you as you grew
Then came the day that you sensed the truth,
Your eyes became open and your heart became golden,
The diamond of you was shining so bright.

In the Garden,
We danced around the tree of life,
You, her and I,
We grinned and giggled as we twirled,
Off in our other world,
I touched your cheek softly when you slept,
I hugged you deeply when you wept.
We've danced in the light of Gods,
We've never danced in the light of Men,
We may never, but I will always remember,
The last dance is the one that lasts forever.