Friday, February 21, 2014

Big Red Balloon

A big Red Balloon, Stretched to it's limits. How do you make it better? How do you relieve the pressure? I don't know the answer I am sure there is one. God help me find the answer Before it pops.

If someone knows the answer, then please. Share it with my friend, His balloon is about to pop. Can we let off some pressure? Can we let off some steam? Is it just a dream, Can you change your mind? And then you will change the scheme.

It's so stretched now it covers all space, It really and truly is right in my face, I can see you and the pain you are in, Because the big red balloon has to win.

Help, The balloon is so full, It hurts in here, I need relief, I need grief, I need to let go, and off it flies.. the air let out and hits my eyes. I see now.

It was just air. And the illusion that there was something else there. I hope it helps people to see There is nothing there but air and it can be let be.