Friday, November 25, 2011

Holding Up

I held you up.
While I was crumbling and collapsing,
with the weight of us.
I held you up.
When I begged you to see my frailty,
You laughed, "What are you trying to be, smart?"

I was never the victim.
I was the willing partner to lifting you up
Until I fell so far and so hard that I landed,
In God's heart.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Finite Days

We only have so many days.
The actual number is a haze.
But, they are finite.

Spend one day recovering from another day's play.

Spend one day showing someone the way.

Spend one day helping another one's pain.

Spend one day relaxing and feeling drained.

Spend one day dancing in the rain.

Spend one day trying to keep sain.

Spend one day that you don't have to explain.

Spend one day filled with a plan.

Spend one day with a woman or a man.

Spend one day cooking in a pan.

Spend one day, but don't count the days till the end.

Just spend one day because you have it to spend.