Monday, April 22, 2013

For Bandit

For Bandit.
Time and Money
Time and Money
Time and Money

If I had the time,
I wouldn’t have the money,
If I had the money,
I won’t have the time.

We spend our lives chasing the money,
Twiddling away the time,
Not spending it with those we love,
Losing it on a dime.

Losses and change abound,
Things keep going round and round,
The pain of life is profound,
So is the joy.

The joy of a cool day and the wind in your face,
The joy of bringing a ball back and throwing it again,
The joy of cheese and yogurt,
The joy of rolling around on the ground,
Getting my smell everywhere and then rolling again,
The joy of sniffing, everything all around.

The rubs and the hugs,
The love and the pain,
Watching her cry again,
This time, she cries for me.