Monday, December 2, 2013

Unintended Consequences

Unintended Consequences

The unintended Consequences of an abrupt life.
What are they? And in what lies the strife?
Why do we make the choices we make,
Why do we fake the choices we fake?

Why do we lie and think it will get us high.
Why don't we see that the truth lies in nothing,
The truth lies in the beginnings of not doing.
If we allow the unintended consequences, then we still do make a choice.
We make the choice to flow with our intentions which can be unintended!

Who knew the unintended consequences of our intended transactions.
Are the just reactions or more a flow of the laws of energy and nature?
That is the question, that really needs answered,
Unintended Consequences are actually the intention of the intended,
That is the backward law we have trouble amending.
That we take are dark souls and we blow them to bits,
and wonder why the remainders will just be lit.
Held close to the fire and burned and scorched,
Till we find the unintended consequences are not be torched.
The unintended consequences make it right through the fire.
The ones that say you are a jealous, thief and a liar.

That you continue not to see the ways of your consequences,
Are unintended and not of your senses,
That you can't smell the burning flesh as it rots,
The decay and the snots
and all of the lots

That you are burning so intentionally hot,
To dispute that you don't and say you are not.
The unintended losses, the unintended gains,
Of thinking your black soul will always reign.
Sometimes the good will over come the bad,
No, not sometimes, you are definitely had.
The good will over come the bad and that is the intended consequences,
of your black heart and forsaken self that you left at the fences.
You think you can win but you lose and you lose.
You think you can win but you choose and you choose.
Even in the not choosing you lose,
because your unintended consquences come through when you snooze.

She fights hard to save them the consequences intended,
in her illusions her mind is so bended
but she will not come clean with herself until she sees.
That she lies to the government to acquiese her needs.
She lies and she struggles and she lays about,
not seeing the unintended consequences will give her no doubt.
That she thinks she is wise and smart beyond belief.
When she is a pawn for a judge who wants financial relief.

Ultimately, the unintended consequences are perceived.