Sunday, July 19, 2015


Handed over my life on a silver platter /br/ You ate veraciously /br/ Devouring every last drop /br/ Throwing the plate against the wall. /br/ It shatters /br/ Nothing left of who I was /br Grateful the seed of my spirit inside me grows I will be recreated I will grow strong Ready to be lifted onto another plate Ready to be devoured agsin By life & Love. Grateful and unafraid.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I learned

I learned
You told me not to cry,

I learned to stuff it back inside,
I learned to cry in the dark,
I learned that "having allergies" was handy,
You told me I was not desirable,
I learned I desire myself,
You told me I couldn't do anything right,
I learned my heart knows the way,

I learned that I am okay.

I learned to take the tears, desire and love,

I learned to stop pushing it all inside,

I learned it is okay to fail, be fat & imperfect.

I learned I need love, affection and a peaceful life,

I learned that anger will not make a good wife.

I learned to let go and let it out....
I learned I cannot stuff all my pain inside...
I learned that I don't have to sacrifice myself
... What did you learn?