Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ambulance Memories

The day my Dad died I rode in an ambulance with him to the hospital. Being in the vehicle and hearing the sirens, now every time I hear an ambulance I think of that day. I think of my looking back at him and knowing that he was gone but not sure how to wrap my head around it all. For many months since, every time I hear an ambulance I think of that ride to the hospital with him.

The sounds of the siren have stuck with me. This morning, driving to work I saw an ambulance but it's name and the fact that it was an ambulance was covered up with paint. Someone had bought it and it was now someone's personal car.

This reminded me of my Dad. When I was around 15 years old, my dad bought a used ambulance. I remember it had a big unit on the top. We didn't have it long, but it was kind of cool. I remember it well.

This got me to thinking about life. My Dad always tried new things. He wasn't afraid to buy a boat, ambulance, Cadillac, whatever he wanted. His dreams changed with his life. I see that all dreams change with life and we have to flow along with them.

I am glad I can change my thinking about the ambulance to remember that my Daddy owned one once too. That is the coolest thing. :)

That day, I got to make him breakfast, coffee, enjoy his beautiful happy laugh and smile, be there when he was passing, hear his last breath. It was the "worst" day of my life but I am thinking now maybe it was the best day of my life. I had the chance to say goodbye, to hold his hand, to love him to the next realm. I am thankful for that.

And, I once owned an ambulance thanks to him too. :) It was yellow.