Thursday, March 31, 2011

P!nk - Glitter In The Air (GRAMMYs on CBS)

Please Pray for Dale Adney and Ellen and their new grandbaby coming in this child born to carry on.

Shattered Heart
Posted 3 hours ago
2:30 ..About a hour ago I made the hardest phone call of my life. I placed a phone call to hospice. In so many ways it feels like giving up but I haven’t. I know God can still do a miracle. I’ve been told by the nurse at IU that hospice can actually help to extend the quality and the number of days a person has left.
The Dr. at IU said that they would do radiation on the tumor in Dale’s brain but there was nothing that could be done for the rest of his body. He explained that some of the speech problems and some of the movement problems on the right side are being made worse by the tumor and radiation will shrink it and there by taking pressure off the affected parts. Then he ask Dale if he was having head aches and he said he was. He had never said that to me, never complained about anything but his leg and one time his side.
He then said that I should call Hospice. I can’t put into words what making that phone call felt like. At one point all I could do was cry! I can’t imagine my life with out Dale. I tremble to think how my life may be different even one month from now.
3:45 The Social Worker was here from hospice. Filled out the paperwork and the nurse will come in the morning.
5:15 I’ve spent most of this afternoon just lying with Dale and watching TV. At one point, in tears I ask him if he was scared…..He looked down at me with the sweetest smile and said no. I said you know when God takes us from this life we go home to be with Him. We will see each other again.
A hard situation is made terribly worse by the fact that he can’t put words together. It’s so clear to me that he knows what he wants to say and he knows when it doesn’t come out right. Several times he tried to tell me something and the words just didn’t come and then he gives up. It breaks my heart not to be able to really talk to him about how he’s feeling and what's going through his mind.
I know God had a plan and that someday we will all be together in glory. I know that we will see each other again and when we all get“home” none of this will matter. But now, I’m trying not to question God’s will for Dale’s life but I must admit I’m having trouble understanding why the last days that we will spend together may be filled with not only the heartbreak of separation but the frustration over not being able to communicate.
I know I’m not alone and I know that I’m not the only to face this but……………
Please pray with me God’s will in all of this and pray that the radiation will help his words be clearer.
God, I know your watching and I’m trying to be strong. Help me to walk with your courage and to stand and face my enemy in your power! In you I will stand. I love you love and I know the only one who loves Dale more than me, is you.
Our granddaughter Alicia is in the hospital right now, in labor, giving life to our first great-grandchild! Praise Jesus!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Party of Five [Bailey&Sarah] - I'll Be

Party of File... I'll Be

XTC-Dear God this!


I love this song!

RaMaDaSa - Snatam Kaur - Love Vibration

When I hear this song, I feel the love vibration so strong,
I send it out and on its way to those I hold near and dear to my heart,
and to all....
Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Ohmm...
I love you so much.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dear Chase CEO

Chase Bank
James Dimon
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
270 Park Avenue, 39th Floor
NY, NY 10017

Dear Mr. Dimon

I have been a banking customer at Chase since 1998 (13 years). I had a service fee show up on my account on 3/16/11. On Monday, 3/21 I called the original location (Hikes Point) where I signed up for my account and spoke with Joe. He assured me that the fee was an error and I was “grandfathered” in to an old program that Chase had called “Workplace checking”. He took my work and home number and said his manager was in a meeting but that he would get the refund approved and call me back. I never received a call back.

The next day I called again and asked to speak to Joe. He came on and I said that I assumed he was busy and was calling to remind him in case he didn’t get the credit applied. He informed me that the program that I was “grandfathered” into had been changed and now there was a minimum requirement of $500 in one deposit to have a free account. I asked him if the grandfather had died because I thought that being grandfathered into a program means that the program doesn’t change. He said that I would not be getting a refund of my $12, I had to come in to renegotiate a new plan and the manager was out of the office until Monday. I asked to speak to the assistant manager and she told me she could not do anything either.

I went to the offices on Westport Road and spoke to a manager there. She had another person sitting beside her observing. I explained to her everything that happened and asked her again if I could get a refund of the $12 and continue with my original account that I have had for 13 years. I was told I could not.

I hate to leave Chase, but I guess my business is not worth it to you. So, I will be leaving Chase and you can be sure that I will never recommend your company to anyone. I got my sister, my children and others to bank at your bank because I was so pleased with the years of good service.

The most ironic thing is, you will give your customers up to $5000 in matching deposits and yet you will not refund and honor a grandfathered program of a long term customer. Also, I receive so many mailers about how you will give people $100 to be a Chase banker. Well, I will make sure that any questions I have about chase will be greeted with your refusal to return my $12 and honor your “grandfathered” programs.

Thank you for listening as I get this off my chest and have a great day. I hope that you have fun chasing your customers out the door.

UPDATE: 3/30/11 - I got a call from the Chase Executive Offices today at around 1:00 p.m. They apologized that the branches would not give me a refund of my $12.00. Also, they said my letter would be in a database file for customer issues. They said that the monthly fees were a new policy and they would not be honoring any old policies and that the fee would apply to all future months if I did not meet the qualifications on the account.

This is a good effort on Chase's part. I appreciate their follow up. I will still be leaving the bank as I do not qualify for any of their accounts without a fee. It seems the "not monetarily wealthy" individual is of little consequence to Chase and they are very much looking out for their bottom line. I hope only the monetarily wealthy individuals grace your doorsteps from now on. Us little poor people will find a home somewhere. I do really appreciate getting my $12 back. Thank you Chase for your quick follow up and for the $12 bucks. I'll have a couple of lunches on you. :)

The Story of a Sign


Make You Smile Plus 44 Lyrics

If I could, I only want to make you smile! :)

You Make Me Smile Lyrics By Uncle Kracker

Two times, smile!! :)

Smile - Uncle Kracker (Lyrics In Description)

You are better than the best!!!

Cooler than the flip side of my pillow!!

Spin like a record crazy on a Sunday night.

You make me smile.

The Voice

You said I was just meant to be a voice in the midst,
In the crowd,
Amongst the sides,
blending in.
Well, guess what!
I am more than that,
OH Yes! So much more than that.
You didn’t know that I have found;
The Present you were looking for,
Bestowed upon me,
A gift!

You better take Dictation!

This is not a lecture,
Nor is it conjecture!

You said I was meant to be a small voice.
I am not just a voice in the crowd.
I am of the crowd but;

Do you need an interpreter?
Or is my vocalism clear?

UofL Cyber Defense Team 2011

Please click on this link to see my son who was in this: He's in the blue button up the front shirt and has a beard. I am proud! They did this for a few years. I am so excited they won first this year! :) YAY! You will have to copy and paste the link because I am challenged by not being able to establish a little blue link you can click on. Thanks for looking!

And, if any of you can post how to create one of those cool links, that would be extremely kind and helpful. :) Thanks again and have a Happy Tuesday in March 2011.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Miss Mitzi Gaynor - Let Go !'s back!~!~! MMMMmMMMMmMMMMmmMMMMmMMMMmmmmmmmmm

Hold back hold back

Friday, March 11, 2011

Piece of Peace

Let me! Make me a channel of your peace....
Make me a vessel of your truth..
Where there is doubting let me show faith...
Make me a channel of your peace..

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Financial Success

You didn't reallly want my friendship;
Tho' I gave it freely.

You didn't really want my love;
Tho' I gave it freely.

You didn't really want my compassion;
Tho' I gave it freely.

You didn't really want my kindness;
Tho' I gave it freely

I didn't understand how you could not want it,
Until I understood you thought it came with a price.

Friendship, Love, Compassion and Kindness are priceless.

I would never charge you for what I give.

I never feel hurt for what you cannot accept because
Your not accepting "what is" is out of my control.

The expense of not accepting is a deficit on your spreadsheet, not mine.
It's good business practice to adjust your budget for windfalls!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The wonderful times we've had

The wonderful times we’ve had. Us, skimming just above the water so fast, me holding tightly against you as you fly me across the skies. It’s a beautiful position to be holding on to you heart to heart and getting to look into your eyes as you look ahead to see where we are going. The feel of the wind in our face which sometimes takes my breath away and I have to lean my head into the spot just below your neck. I think you like that because I always feel your chin and cheek caressing the side and top of my head.

How you made me laugh when you made the piece of the bridge go in and out. How we laughed at the police cars lined up with their radios buzzing, not believing what they saw. Oh those were such fun times.

And the time you said, this is how you talk in the Mic!! Oh my Gosh,you are so bad and that was so funny. I laughed and laughed and bounced up and down on the bed. I woke myself laughing! I love your sense of humor. I love your kindness. I love your ability to love me even though you know all about my imperfect life. Thanks for letting me ride on the magic carpet of our love!

The time you let me come in the room with the musicians and sit in the back and listen really made me feel special. I have never felt that someone of your caliber would even give me a second glance and yet you are so kind to take me to places like this and allow me to be a queen for a moment. It’s beyond my words to describe the feelings that you have sparked in me.

I see you looking at the walking path. I saw you clearly the day you had me follow you. I hear the noises you make and see the magical things you present to me there. It's our special place and always will be.

I enjoy the hugs and the stolen kisses and dancing the three of us in the clouds when you and I first met. I will never forget the peace when I woke up the first night you held me all night.

The time I came over with the pizza and you showed me all your various projects. You are such an interesting man. I do not know what you see in me! But, whatever it is, I am so glad you see it! You make me want to be the best person in the entire universe. I like that so much because I have never wanted to be better and worthy, like I want that now. I am worthy, I know that. You show me every day. I show me every day.

I know you see me crying. Don’t worry about it, I have to have all the range of emotions. All are important and it doesn’t mean anything except that I am expelling all the pain and sorrow I have had so I can be completely whole again.  That’s a good thing.

I know you are busy. I appreciate so much anytime you spend with me. I am honored when you take the time to do so. I hope I show my love and gratitude enough and that you always feel it with you no matter who you are with and what you are doing.  I am happy that you understand and allow me to be me. Not holding at all is the most beautiful way to live! Let Go and Let Life happen!  Definitely time for Mitzi!

Mitzi Gaynor - I'm Just A Cockeyed Optimist

Mitzi Gaynor -( I'm In Love With) A Wonderful Guy

Mitzi Gaynor Tribute

i can finally see that you're right there beside me

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Enya - Only Time


Enya - Athair Ar Neamh


Loreena McKennitt - Dante's Prayer




Enya - China Roses


Peace love && happiness

Time together isn't ever quite enough
When you and I are alone, Ive never felt so at home
What will it take to make or break this hint of love?
*Only time*, only time

Into the Light

As I walk out of the fog and into the light,
the experiences behind me weave together,
as I pulled out all the beauty and positivity,
from my experiences past; focusing on those
I create
My present
and plan for my future.

The heavy burden of addictions are what eats away at our soul like the parasites they are. They say, "You can handle it", "It's okay, you're strong, one won't hurt" "Why not?!"

They go into your mind and prey on your weakest areas. They know your weakness because they have been around for thousands of years.

Clarity and meditation help to alleviate the confusion that they desire to create. They are always looking for an in and it's never "game over".

Enya - Watermark

The first picture on this with the yellow and bird. That is me..that is the perfect picture for me. It brings me peace. I love yellow and I love birds and I love the sun and I love happiness and peace and the world and the universe and life and breath and everything from a to z and from the beginning and to the end, amen.


Mother's Blessing_Snatam Kaur

Tania Kassis - Islamo-Christian AVE (Official Clip) -- Cd available at V...

GOOSEBUMPS>>> Wow,the true beauty in combining and coming together!

Luther Vandross- Superstar/Don't you remember Lyrics