Thursday, January 5, 2012

Questions and Answers

Does the water cry when it goes down my throat?
No, it rejoices in the replenishing and fulfillment of my body.

Does the chicken cry out as it is being slaughtered?
No, it has no voice to cry out. We are its voice.

Does the chicken feel joy in the replenishment of my body?
Yes, in nature and No, in life.
What we do, how we treat that which sustains is how we treat ourselves.

Does the disregard we have for all beside our own affect us?
Yes, in life and No, in nature.

Does this question you in wrong or right?
Maybe, it's a gray area.

How do we bless that which gives of itself for the benefit of our life?
Have we seen all that blesses us and show are reverence back to it?
How do we honor this?
Am I? Are You?
All I can do is try and awaken.
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