Sunday, January 1, 2012

Brother Fire

Forgive me Brother Fire,
As I move away from you,
I have to go and write down these words
Before they are gone too:

Brother Fire misses us,
We, the humans, we’re his friends
He needed us and we needed him.
We now are away,
Not many coming to sit ‘round,
Brother Fire, I am here,
His pleasure is found.

Brother Fire, Let me tend to you,
I want to feed you, Care for you,
Make you strong,

In return, you provide me warmth and lick my skin,
Your touch sometimes too much, and I have to move away,
But you know and I know, I am here to stay.
Brother Fire, I don’t understand why many others have gone,
They do not realize that the love from you is so warm.
Brother Fire talks to me and tells me about the olden days,
When all humans would sit around while he would blaze.
Brother fire tells me my future while I sleep,
Nestled on a pillow lying at his warm feet.
He tells me that all I ever wanted is mine,
That all this is from the great divine.
He knows that he is not left behind.
But a few more friends would suit him just fine.

I stir, and he smiles,
I pick up my stick,
I poke him and prod him and he gets thick.
He snaps as he moves, he pops as I feed him,
He loves my gentle touch and he knows that I need him.
His embers are kisses, his flames are his beauty,
He keeps me the warmest, his honor and duty.
He told me to tell everyone hello,
He asked me to ask you, “Where did you go?”
You sit in front of your blueness and stare and stare,
Until there is nothing left here or there,
He wonders, “Don’t you get cold in your underwear?”
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