Saturday, December 17, 2011

Weave the Cocoon

We wind our cocoon so tightly, engulfing our little ones and living in peace as we create our children’s lives,
We hold everyone so close and let go of our self so much that we forget who we are.
This is how it should be.
Winding the threads of our nest, knitting and sewing and encircling and feeling the joy of the moment.
We thrive, we weave, we thread, we get lost in our ability to create our nest.
Forever the weavers of dreams, hopes, love, happiness, fulfillment, enlightenment.
Not for ourselves, but for those around us,
Those that we “love”,
Those that we hold dear.
We can do this for anyone, but we choose to weave our nests tightly,
Encompassing the ones we focus our attentions on,
Encompassing everyone that we see,
Encompassing the world,
Encompassing the universe,
Encompassing our self
Rinse and repeat.
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