Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Forced Draft

I am not a fan, I am forced draft,
An uplift in a time when you might need it.
Wind lifting the sails in your raft.

Wings, Planes, Blades, deltas,
Vane, section, blower, fin.

Bare, naked, alive and raw
Living like I have never lived,
Living out loud and proud.

Not hiding behind the lies,
The masks,
Not hiding behind the lies,
And tasks.

Letting the coursing hot blood flush my face,
And living anyway, without disgrace.
You will not shame me into not being who I am,
Ever again.

You are a mean, cruel and heartless man,
Oh send me there ..again and again,
With your pictures that speak to me,
Of burning passion, of tingling and laughing,
And of a quiet wanting,
An endless need,
Send me there again, and again, and again..
You heartless man.

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