Thursday, September 22, 2011

Napkins and Toilet Paper

We have a napkin
and toilet paper
and say we are civilized.

In the meantime,
we can't even
look into each other's eyes.

We have buses, trains, planes
and fancy cars with gears,
but we ignore each others
need for ears.

How civil of you
to ignore me.
How kind of you
to exploit me.

Who is ignorant?
The wise man with all the cash,
or the cashier who depends on
the abundance of nature's stash?

God knows the answer
that's why he said
the meek shall inherit.

It's not without merit,
that people who make the laws
abuse them for their own gain.

Where it will get them is plain, the ignorant and the meek,
who have humbled themselves to the richs of heaven.

Don't think that giving it all away in the end,
will earn you a place when the light starts to bend.

Start with compassion, kindness
humility and grace.

End with nothing but a smile on your face.
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