Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Like the Sun, You Shine.

I need you in my life,
Because, I love you.
You remind me that love is not meant to be “had”,
It is meant to be given,
As I give it to you,
I feel it in return,
From so many,
I want you in my life forever,
Please stay for a while,
Please allow me to feel you,
In my heart and in my smile.

You are my light,
As I wanted to be yours,
You are mine.
You help me shine,
I didn’t know that when I met you,
But you’ve entranced me since the feast!
I love you.

You are not mine alone,
You are for so many,
You could never be just for one,
Like the Sun, you shine for any,
Who have a need,
Who can’t find love,
Who are in pain,

My heart is yours,
Its always been.
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