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Copying these words so I can read this more thoroughly later. This word has been coming into my life a lot lately...I like this definition because it also tells the human/normal/lay person's views of the word.

Now I know why it is important..from this article..thank you


I love words.

Entropy – a word that sounds scientific, technical and confusing, isn’t it? Yes it is. At least the definition says so. But no one wants to know what a thing means, the sole concern is how it matters in our lives. And yes, you found the right corner of the web. The word might sound somewhat specialized but is having deeper meanings. Going by the definition, entropy means anything, or rather that form of energy that cannot be used for any useful work. A lot of scientists and engineers have blabbered a lot about this. Some of them found this relating to the second law of thermodynamics, some of them are still involved in finding newer domains and some will keep killing their time discovering anything related to entropy that might fetch them a Nobel. Not here. We are not reading this article because we are science lovers or engineers or professors. There are a lot of shelves in the libraries with piles of sheets related to this topic only.

We are common people. Entropy should be understood in a way that it looks more practical to our day to day lives and more feasible to approach towards. Let’s create a definition of our own. Entropy can well be defined as the lack of order that gradually results into a disorder or decline. Now more like it, isn’t it? This lack of order can be anywhere; in some silly car engines, some never stopping radiators, or in a more prominent subject – our lives. This is what drives us; Order. This is what results us to find a day off to have some time alone. This is what allows us to find some time to read articles like these. An order drives the personality of an individual. It drives a human being. And it is not difficult to understand that this lack of predictability only is the sole reason for every chaos we are a part of.

Entropy might have found a newer scientific definition today, but it has been there on this planet since the evolution of life. This disorder was the only reason why this only lively planet of the entire solar system had to witness two of the greatest wars. This disorder only was the prime reason of the great mishap of 9/11. US still need to recover from that economic blow. The disorder is somewhere there – deep down our inner self. This is the reason of all the disorder in one’s life.

We never blame our self for the mess we made out of our lives. Everyone finds a shoulder to shoot from, to blame everyone else but himself. There is this entropy present in every single individual on Earth. This lack of order is resulting into more disorder. Thinking about the impacts that this entropy has left in this human race, it is better I stop myself now. The unfortunate events will take millions of words to be written on paper. What is more feasible is to remain intact to the original definition and try to reduce the disorder we cause daily.

The website says: Devoloped by Technonile Information Systems. I want to be sure to give full credit to this site. Wish I knew the author!
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