Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day

I had a dream last night 7/4/2011

I was driving my car really fast and came up to a bank and flew across it, just like in the big action movies. I stopped because another car was also moving fast and didn’t make it. I got out and went over to help them out.

Lying in a ditch were a man and a woman and two boys. The boys were babies. When I went down in the ditch and tried to help them. The female said she was from South Africa and the male said he was from Australia. They were here in the U.S. together but they didn’t want anyone to know they were together. I helped them get their son. I thought I saw two children but they said there was only one.

After I went to help them to go to the hospital I got in my car to leave. In the car was the other boy. He had Downs Syndrome and I thought he was dead. His little body was bloated and blue. I handed him to the paramedics. They thought he was dead too. But, as I handed him over there was a tiny bit of movement. We were all surprised. They worked hard and were able to bring him to life again.

He went to the hospital and got well. I adopted the little boy and then had the flash of my life playing out with him and how much fun we had. He was a gift to me from the couple who only wanted their healthy son.

Freud said that people in your dreams are representative of yourself. The young baby who almost died and has Down Syndrome is me. It is the part of me that almost died when I was living under a cloud of dust that was not meant for me to live under.

Now that the cloud of dust has dissipated and is gone from my life, I can be the person I want to be. I can laugh, play and enjoy my life in the peace that is meant for all to enjoy their life. I can embrace who I am and what I believe and not have to live under the thumb of another’s dreams, beliefs and ideals.

This day is really my independence day.
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