Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lion Heart - I really like this one.

Lion heart
Though I’ve never met a lion, I’ve felt him in my heart, his strength, his courage, even his bare feet on the jungle floor.

Though I’ve never met a lion, I’ve smelled the odor of his prey, while he hunts, my eyes have glanced his next meal, I’ve saddled his back in his hundred mile per hour chase to satisfy his hunger.

Even though I’ve never met a lion, my ego has peaked knowing I’m king, caring and protecting my pride, loving my people all as #1, strengthening the roar of my daughters and sons.

Although I haven’t met a lion, my mind knows lying in the shade of a tree, brings us both at peace as a silent brook.

If I were to ever met a lion, I would stare into his eyes, for that would be a window into my soul.

From mountain tops I’ll be proud to say I'M LION HEART>
Bernadette Joseph
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