Thursday, February 24, 2011

Acquiescent Heart

I have an acquiescent heart
Its tenderness is as delicate as a flower
Its strength is as tough as a mighty warrior
My heart is protected by God
He alone rebuilds it after it’s been broken
He alone directs my love,
For if not for him,
I would have no heart.

My heart goes to places unknown
Places that I never even dreamed;
Impossible places to my lowly eyes,
But places that are my destiny in life.

My heart loves where it loves,
To varying degrees but always,
With love.

My heart is able to give love unconditionally,
Without regard for a return and upon the need,
My unconditional love will always be with you,
Even if the physical reality is never meant to be.

Reality creates darkness,
That creates blindness,
That creates the place,
Where you can no longer see,
Which creates the iniquity,
Where you cannot feel my love.

My heart breaks but will go on,
My heart will because I am eternal,
When you come out of this darkness,
You will see, that my love was always meant to be.

My acquiescent heart,
My most tender bud,
The root of my soul,
You are my love.
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