Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Wasp

The Wasp

Last year, I got stung by a wasp. It hurt so badly and my head was puffed up for a week. I am a peaceful being. I don’t want to harm anything. But, this resentment has built up against the wasp. On Sunday last, I was trying to drown another wasp in the pool. What if this wasp that I tried to drown was the wasp that would tell the other wasps not to hurt people? What if I just killed the one wasp that could have really made a difference? It wasn’t the same wasp who stung me.
This may be how people feel. They hold resentments. I have a friend who had a bad time with a woman. He feels that she has really ruined a big part of his life. His resentment builds up. He doesn’t have the opportunity to take the resentment out on her, so subconsciously and sometimes consciously, he takes it out on the nearest woman.

I have to learn to heal myself. So that I don’t hold resentment against anything. The wasp that stung me was probably being protective of itself. It didn’t want me to swat at it on my head, so it stung me, over and over again.

It works the same way for Martin Luther King, President Lincoln, and President Kennedy… Or, anyone who has been murdered. What resentments were built up to create someone who would want to harm another human being? What long line of memories, history, feelings, etc. created the person who would take a gun and shoot someone?

I am contemplating this important message. I am seeing how we create anger and how it can be dispensed. I hope that we can overcome this issue.

Picture of wasp located off the internet.
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