Monday, April 14, 2014

Hope Strippers

Hope Strippers

They slide down the pole of discontent
Wrapping their tongues wildy,
Kneading their bodies frantically,
Gyrating to the sound of emptiness
Stripping away the faith,
Lying in wait,
They prey on the innocent.

Waiting on a buck,
Getting it with their luck,
Dancing the dance,
of petulance.

Run do not walk,
Away from this talk,

Close your eyes to their dance,
Before you get in a trance,
If you can not find your stance,
Then, remember the chance,
That was taken,
When they strip you of hope.

You must be on dope.
To watch this stripper of hope,
But, remember, that things are not what they seem,
and this is only a dream,
and we reap what we sew,
so be in the know...
& Let go.
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