Thursday, October 3, 2013

Happiness & Forgiveness

Happiness. Happiness definately comes from within. We have to feel happiness despite all that is going on around us sometimes. We cannot let the things that happen to us, define us. That is the key to getting over the things that happen. I think that the poem If, by Rudyard Kipling really says it all. Let not happiness/sadness over take us. The duality of life. That you can have the worst things going on but still get up every day and make a decision that it will be a good day. Despite all that is looming and all that fear, it will be the best day that you can have. Because, really it is the only day you have. You do not have the past, it is done. You do not have the future, it is yet to be. Right now, at this moment, this is all you have.
Forgiveness. How do you teach or show someone that forgiveness is the path to peace. How do you help them realize that their inner peace and happiness will only come by embracing (mentally) those who have hurt you and tell them AND your inner self that you forgive them, that you understand you perceived as a wrong was just a perception. That you forgive yourself for only seeing your perception and for allowing the anger/resentment/jealousy/hate to seep in because of fear. Fear will help to promote the feeling that you shouldn't forgive, let go, let love. Because Fear is a tool to keep the darker feelings there. You begin to feel that you need the fear and anger to live, even though you really don't. When you come to the point of standing right on the ledge of your worst fears and then they happen. What else do you have to lose or gain if you just embrace the way it is and let go. Let life, let things happen as they will happen and just realize that no matter what you have people in your life who love you, who support you, who want you to be happy. Make your enemies mad, BE HAPPY ANYWAY! Accept it for what it is, don't allow anyone to dictate your happiness. Embrace forgiveness. Believe in it. It really works. It is hard and tears you up to realize and humble yourself that your perception of things may be a little skewed. ...but after the rain and darkness comes the rainbow of knowledge that you can let go, you can forgive, you can even love those who hurt you. Because ultimately it is inside of us to know that we are on a journey and nothing in this journey is real. It is our imaginings. No money, no lives, nothing is real except the learning, forgiving, and loving anyway.
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