Monday, April 30, 2012

Calendar In Time

Money stuffed in time,
Rob Peter to pay Paul,
Brother can you spare a dime?
Money for May, Maybe?
Money for Mom, yes?
We whore ourselves out for it,
We date ourselves a date for it,
We play around with it,
Avarice for the novice,
How to learn to be you.
I’d rather drown in a dirty shoe.
The calendar holds your whole world right now.
It holds nothing for me.
And nothing is what I want to be.
Better to be in the back of the continuum,
Than to be swimming in a sea of numb.
I am alive,
I feel things,
I understand now.
How bout that, you big cow!
You wouldn’t find it if you tried,
It is tied up in the calendar and flowing nowhere,
Just like you!
Me, I flow freely through the months.
Timeless, as always, you cannot date me.
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