Sunday, June 19, 2011

One Father

One father sits by his daughter’s bedside;
And reads a story.
One father sits beside his daughter’s hospital bed;
And provides comfort.
One father works hard all day;
And provides food and shelter.
One father teaches a child to ride his bike;
And provides support.

One Father watches it all;
And smiles.

One father beats his son until there are bruises;
And causes scars for life.
One father drinks until he no longer can differentiate between right and wrong;
And rapes his daughter.
One father abandons his son or daughter;
And leaves a hole forever.

One Father watches it all;
And a tear slips down His cheek.

What can one father do?
What kind of father are you?
Is it hard to read what one father could do?
Is it hard to see the choice is in you?
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