Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dreams by Yiruma

Verse One:
I always thought that things would never be beautiful
As I hoped they woud be, a simple fantasy
I always thought that there was no such thing as love
When one night I closed my eyes, and there you were beside me

All my life I have dreamed of nothing more than you
And I know, all I'll ever need is your love
When the morning comes and I wake up
Will I truly see you there?
Or will it all have just been imagined by my dreams?

Verse Two:
Even though we both know, we've got our whole lives to face
I can't help but hope that someday soon we'll meet again
Why can't I run anymore?
I need to get past that closed door
To see that old smile in your eyes, the one I knew before

Chorus 2:
When the world stops on turning, just for you and I
Oh, when will you finally realize?
All that I'd do just for you
All that I'd say, just to show you how I feel
To recieve all your love, but thats only in my dreams
Where you'll always be
Where you'll always mean something to me
For you'll always be my heart, forever just my innocent angel
I'll love you forever... you're the angel of my dreams
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