Sunday, November 11, 2007


Okay, now I love Swiffer. I have to say that I came from the "olden" days when mops were messy and moldy! Swiffer is a great idea! I love it, bought it, used it. There is just one problem and that is the engineering of this device to make the consumer have to go and buy it AGAIN! That drives me insane.

As you can see (somewhat) from the pictures, my Swiffer broke in a perfect little chip that made it impossible to use. So, thinking I must just be really hard on the equipment, I went out and bought another one. Well, guess what happened to the next one too!

Thank goodness the hubby is amazing at fixing things because he clamped the second one before the little plastic square (exactly the same as the first) broke off! As you can see the clamp works great.

I would love to hear if anyone else has had this problem with this design. I bought another one for my daughter recently, and she said that it is made so that it is all one metal shaft now and wouldn't break like that.

My question, how many people loved the darn thing and had to go out and buy another, just increasing the profits of a company that made a poor design. Does that mean they KNEW it would do that? Does that mean they learned it would do that?

Swiffer reps, where are you?

Thanks and that is all. Please let me know your experiences with this product. I still love it, just hate that it was easily broken!!
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