Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Sweet Puppies!

I love my Puppies. Bandit is outside in this shot, he loves going out. He is five years old. This is a picture of Chloe, she is the sweetest Pomeranian in the world (sorry Fran)! She is 3 years old. Chloe is my daughter's dog and Bandit is mine. Bandit is kind of grumpy, so he is a perfect match for his mama, cause I can be kinda grumpy sometimes. Chloe's has the sweetest disposition of any dog I have ever known. She just loves everyone, well, except she doesn't love other dogs. She really doesn't even like Bandit! She won't even let him up on the couch sometimes...!!

Bandit can do a lot of tricks. He can sit, speak, lay, rollover, wave, fetch, stay, heel and a lot more. He doesn't like to do it though and will growl at you if you ask him to sometimes. He is a big complainer! If you tell him "NO!", he gets REALLY mad! Also, he doesn't like teenage boys. He is a real ankle biter and will chase teenage/twenty something boys all the way out the door. My son's friends call him, "Devil Dog".

As you can see, I love my sweet puppies!!
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